Mainstream Square Dance Club

Please plan to attend ALL THREE events!

October 13th, 2018


Come Join the FUN!

For the first time ever, the Wichita Wranglers will be trying something new. Instead of spending 14 weeks learning ALL the Square Dance calls, we invite you to join us for ONE DAY to see what all the fun is about. The day will start with two sets of instruction from 10am to NOON and 2pm-5pm. You will be taught a basic set of dance patterns by our club Caller Jeff Holley. That evening you will join the Wranglers for a Square Dance where you will use the skills you learned throughout the day. Our club members will be wearing traditional Square Dance attire for you to see.


For more information

Contact our club Presidents
Robert & Dosha Steflik


Square Dancing is Friendship set to Music!

  • Good, Clean fun
  • Non-drinking, non-smoking environment
  • Couples and Singles welcomed
  • Dancing experience not required
  • Walk to music -- we'll show you the rest

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable cool clothing for the first two sessions (10am-noon & 2pm-5pm). Shorts and t-shirts are fine! Wear shoes that will slide on a tile floor.

The evening will be slightly more formal (no shorts). Some experienced Square Dancers will be in full Square Dance attire for you to see - others prefer standard skirts & blouses. Men will tend to wear blue jeans and long sleeve button up shirts.

Where: Sikes Lake Center @ MSU


Get Fit

Dancing for 2 hours is equal to a 5k hike!

Burn Calories

The number of calories you burn while dancing can be as much as 300 calories in 2 hours.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic researchers reported that social dancing helps to reduce stress, increase energy, improve strength, and increase muscle tone and coordination.